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I’ve written over 100 essays on living, working, and making as an artist. These essays are like a personal journal that allows me to reflect on the ongoing process of discovering and developing myself as an artist. Some common themes are overcoming creative obstacles, developing a personal style, and pondering what it means to live as an artist.

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Might Could Essays

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Here, Have a Cat Sock.

Oops! I haven’t updated the blog in a little while. I recently took a trip to New York, so I’ve been busy catching up on

Teeth People: Final Illustration

Here’s the final wisdom teeth removal illustration! I hope you like it. If you know someone who’s getting their wisdom teeth taken out sometime soon,

Oh, They’re Teeth People!

Yesterday my boyfriend had surgery to get his four wisdom teeth removed. Surprisingly, it only took 35 minutes for them to yank the teeth out,

Spoonerism: Chiclet Chops

This post is the first in a series about spoonerisms that I have said in conversation. A spoonerism is when you accidentally switch the first letters

Poor Little Oni

An in-progress shot of a personal illustration I’ve been working on recently. I enjoy giving my dog, Oni, a voice and imagining what goes on

New Shop!

Might Could Studios now has a shop! Click the image above, or use the navigation item called “shop” to check it out! I have 8

New Website + New Illustration

Welcome to my new website and blog! Today is the grand unveiling of my new website! I re-structured my site to be more polished, sophisticated,