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We Are Fungi

Christine Nishiyama’s debut picture book combines science with story, fact with fiction, and real life wonders with magical mysteries from the Fungi kingdom. Learn more…

Layla and the Bots

A four-book illustrated children’s chapter book series Written by Vicky Fang Published by Scholastic Coming 2020!

About Might Could Studios

I think and talk about art making differently than most artists

I believe most people begin learning to draw the wrong way. I don’t focus on “how-to” and technique. There’s plenty of that already on the internet. I focus on philosophy and mindset. I don’t want to teach you how to draw like I do, I want to teach you how to develop and discover the way you draw.

I believe everyone can draw, make art, and call themselves artists. Not just those who went to art school or make money from their art. If you make something—if you make art—you’re an artist.

I believe an artist’s unique style is their greatest asset. And I believe you can accelerate the path to finding your artistic style by setting up a drawing habit with your sketchbook.

The Pillars of Might Could

Essays I write weekly essays on creativity and art making for my email subscribers. These essays explore whatever obstacle or realization is going on in my own life, and are a way for me to process the struggles of making art as well as crystallize and share the solutions I’ve found work best.


My flagship course, Sketchbook to Style Boot Camp, is my project-baby that I spend most of my time on. I also teach mini-classes on Skillshare and on the Might Could Studiomates platform.


I’ve lived in various small towns in my life, many of which did not have creative communities. Over the years I’ve realized how important it is to have a group of artists you can share the experience with. I’ve created two main art communities:  

#MightCouldDrawToday, a free drawing challenge hosted on Instagram.  

Might Could Studiomates, a private community for budding artists who want to learn, discover, and master their art. Right now, this community is only available to students enrolled in Sketchbook to Style.

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Our Team

Christine Nishiyama

Founder, Director of Creative and Strategy  


Location: Boone, NC  

Christine founded Might Could in 2012 and has since taught over 60,000 students in her online courses, written over 60 essays on creativity, created over 2,000 drawings, and self-published 1 book.  

Christine is currently running her flagship course, Sketchbook to Style Boot Camp, and illustrating a four book children’s series with Scholastic.

Declan Nishiyama

Director of Technology, Marketing, and Finance


Location: Boone, NC  

Declan joined Might Could in 2019. In his past life he’s had roles as an Engineer, Business Analyst, and Product Manager. After seeing how much people loved learning from his wife, he decided to join full-time to help Might Could make the biggest impact possible.

Oni Nishiyama

Director of Walks, Naps, and Well-Being

Oni is happily unplugged from the world.  

Location: Boone, NC  

Oni joined Might Could in 2012 when he was just four months old and has since vastly improved the well-being of Might Could. Oni loves encouraging his co-workers to take a break from work, and often leads company walks, meals, and outdoor activities. He doesn’t really get anything done, but he reminds Might Could of the simple joys in life.


Hi, I'm Christine Nishiyama! Artist + Founder of Might Could.  

I teach, write, and draw to encourage and challenge artists to explore, discover, and evolve our artistic styles and voices together. I’m here to make the art that feels like me, and I want to help you make the art that feels like you!

Join +55,000 creatives who learn and grow with me!

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An email should land in your inbox any moment!

We're so excited for you to join us here at Might Could <3

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We Are Fungi

Christine Nishiyama’s debut picture book combines science with story, fact with fiction, and real life wonders with magical mysteries.  

This genre-bending picture book tells dual stories side-by-side. A factually accurate story is told through words, while a more mysterious story is told through pictures, following the journey of a curious young girl as she ventures into the woods to hunt for mushrooms. As dusk falls, weird things begin to happen and as she travels deeper and deeper into the woods, she ends deeper and deeper in the world of fungi.  

A creepy story that aims to break the rules of children’s books, challenge the notion of boy-books and girl-books, and revitalize the nonfiction genre, this completely original picture book is unlike any other book on the market, and will be sure to delight, excite, and inspire you and your child.  

Book Details

Softcover | Limited Time Launch Price Published by Might Could Studios September 19, 2017 | 42 Pages | 8 x 10 | 4-9 years ISBN 978-0-9994039-0-7

What People are Saying

There is no book quite like yours. Yours has a different mood than most educational children’s books. I love that your book is more mature and the colors make it an excellent bedtime story or book to read on a camping trip. The mood you created for your book is completely original.”

—Chasity Science Teacher + Beta Book Reader

“The illustrations are amazing and really got the students interested in fungi! They wanted to check out all the books our library had about fungi! You created fungi fans!”  

—Lori Librarian + Beta Book Reader

“Your story-driven concept is more compelling to me than a nonfiction or science-based book would be… your story version raised my interest in the subject rather than listing facts alone. I would not have become interested in fungi without the story.”  

—Howell Art Director + Beta Book Reader

What You'll Discover + Learn

The world of fungi is weird

In this book, you’ll discover all sorts of facts including:  

  • Different types of fungi (mushrooms, yeast, and mold!)
  • Parts of a mushroom
  • The difference between a “mushroom” and a “fungus”
  • Where fungi live and where you can find them
  • How fungi eat and grow
  • The names of different mushroom species
  • How fungi work with and against other organisms

Let this book be your whimsical guide

We Are Fungi covers the topic of fungi through:  

  • Terms labeled throughout the book
  • A full glossary with all terms explained
  • Informative illustrations of mushroom types
  • An enticing storyline told through the illustrations
  • A sense of humor and creepiness that entices boys and girls alike

Bonus Material!

Download a FREE Activity Guide! 

Making Of Video

About the Author

Hi! I’m Christine Nishiyama, an illustrator and writer currently living in Boone, NC.

I create stories, books, and comics that blend fiction and nonfiction. I love researching, writing, and drawing things I don’t understand, coming out on the other end of the process with a greater appreciation of just how weird the world is.  

I also teach art courses to encourage more people to make books and art!

Want to buy We Are Fungi?


Sketchbook to Style Boot Camp

My step-by-step system designed to guide you through the journey of starting a sketchbook practice to discover your unique artistic style and voice.  

**Enrollment is currently closed** 


A brand new drawing challenge to give you the lil’ kick in the butt you need to finally get that daily sketchbook practice going.

**Join at any time!**

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The Story of Might Could

From struggling + frustrated with my art to self-compassionate + brave.

I’ve been drawing since before I can remember, and got my BFA in Graphic Design at North Carolina State University. After working as Lead Designer at a marketing studio, I took the plunge and became self-employed in 2012, forming my one-woman company, Might Could Studios.  

Over those 5+ years, my business has gone through many transitions: freelance graphic design, editorial illustration, book publishing, and teaching.

From 2012 (with one client) – 2017 (with +55,000 students)

The year 2014 was the year everything changed. That was the year I switched from graphic design to illustration, and it led to a drastic cut to the number of jobs and my monthly income.  

I was trying to find my style and confidence as an illustrator, and that’s not an easy process. I was plagued by all the usual issues: fear of the blank page, disappointment in my work, fear of what others would think, and frustrated that I couldn’t make art that felt like me.

I hate being dependent on other people, so the lack of paying gigs and financial trouble led me to get a part-time job at a local grocery store. I had applied to be a cake decorator—hey, that’s creative, right?—but instead was hired as a bakery worker, where I was paid $7/hr to move boxes full of frozen bread from the top shelves in the freezer to thaw out overnight. Why they thought it best to hire a 5 foot girl with a design degree who wanted to be a cake decorator for this job, I’ll never know. I did occasionally get to make tortillas every now and then, though.  

That year I spent my days trying to learn how to draw in my own way (and wallowing/crying on the couch), and spent my nights moving boxes of heavy bread in a freezer (and mopping the gross bakery floor), and spent all my time feeling like a complete failure.

Somehow, I kept going, and eventually, after a year of exploring and experimenting, deep thinking, lots of crying, and intensive sketchbooking, I began to find my artistic voice. Around that time, a science blog took a chance on me as their Artist-in-Residence, and things finally started falling into place.  

Every year since has seen more growth, more confidence, and more fulfillment in my life as an artist. And that’s where you come in!

A Community of Encouragement and Experimentation 

Might Could Studios is a place of creative exploration and motivation, both for myself and others. I realized during my struggles in 2014, that most people (including me at the time) focus on the wrong things when we’re trying to figure out who we are as artists and how to make the art that feels like us.  

That period is by far the most frustrating period of an artist’s journey. You have this creative fuel inside you, and a drive to make art, but when you make something you are so unhappy and disappointed in what you made that you don’t want to make anything else!  

During this period, I think we’re too focused on how to draw things “correctly”. Drawing things accurately or realistically is certainly one way to draw, but it’s not the only way. I believe a more intuitive, open, and creative way of drawing exists, one that is totally unique to each person. And I believe everyone has that unique style inside them, not just people who went to art school or make a living as an artist.

So while Might Could Studios is the company where I publish and share my own artwork, it’s also a place where I share what I’ve learned about drawing and creativity, and encourage and help other artists find themselves and their own unique art.  

The year of 2014 was a terrible year for me, and although struggle is required for most good things, I want to help reduce the amount of pain for other people so they don’t have to wallow on their couch in an existential artistic crisis for an entire year like I did. I want to equip them with helpful tools, a more playful attitude, and an encouraging community of fellow artists so we can all continue to experiment and grow together and overall just make more art.

K, But Like, What Do You Actually Do?

One thing that bugs me about the new crop of teachers, online entrepreneurs, and coaching “experts” these days is that many of them focus so much on teaching and coaching, that they stop doing the thing they’re coaching and teaching. Design coaches stop designing, cooking teachers stop cooking. Eventually they start teaching how to teach or coaching how to coach and it all just ends up seeming an awful lot like a ponzi scheme.  

That’s not Might Could. I am an artist first and foremost, and I create art almost every single day. I walk the walk so I can talk the talk. I tell you you should be drawing almost every day, and I’m drawing almost every day, right alongside you.  

I filled up 6 whole sketchbooks, started 12 drawing series, launched my flagship solo course Sketchbook to Style Boot Camp, and self-published my first children’s picture book all in 2017. I’m here to make, and I want to help you make more while I’m at it.  

“I’ve noticed this daily habit has changed my mentality. I used to get a rush of anxiety when looking at the blank page, and doing this short exercise has me a little excited to mine my day. I’m noticing less anxiety, and more play as I draw. I’m really loving this class so far!” 

– Pauline

“The fear of messing up and when I did…thinking the entire book is ruined. Because of this internal turmoil I’ve never started. Since starting this boot camp with Christine… you can clearly see where I begin to totally loosen up and scribble. It is liberating.” 

– Linda

“Milestone! Today I sat down to draw, in pen, without caring about the outcome. I was at peace and felt like whatever would be would be. These flowers were not for one of the assignments, but ARE a result of doing the course! :)” 

 – Samantha

Join the thousands of artists who receive weekly emails from me about overcoming artistic struggles and start loving the art you make.

MCDT Challenge Guidelines!

  • Check out the bio in my profile for the current drawing prompt
  • Every Monday I'll post a new drawing prompt in my Instagram stories (and in my bio).
  • Draw the prompt at least ONCE over the course of the week. You can choose to draw more than once, or even all 7 days, if you like, but that's your choice!
  • Post your drawing on Instagram with the hashtag #MightCouldDrawToday.
  • Follow #MightCouldDrawToday to get inspiration and cheer on your fellow artists!
  • Post once during the week and your art could get highlighted on my Instagram stories!  
Check out the weekly theme on my profile!

Now let's get drawin'! :D  

 <3, Christine


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