About Might Could Studios

We think about art differently than most artists.

We believe most people begin learning to draw the wrong way. We don’t focus on “how-to” and technique. There’s plenty of that already on the internet. We focus on exploration and discovery. We don’t want to teach you how to draw like us, we want to teach you how to draw like you.

We believe everyone can draw, make art, and be an artist. Not just those who went to art school or make money from their art. If you make something—anything!—then you made art, and you’re an artist.

We believe an artist’s mindset is both their greatest asset and biggest obstacle. Our struggles are often caused by misguided thinking, and we believe learning to identify those thoughts and changing our mindset helps us fall back in love with drawing.

The pillars of Might Could


Weekly essays on creativity and art making to help you make progress on your artistic journey.


Flagship online course on how to use a sketchbook to discover your artistic style and voice.


Artist community to provide support, connection, and accountability for artists at every stage.

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