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I Might Could Do That!

Heartfelt essays about making art and living as an artist.

Weekly art prompts for inspiration and motivation to draw consistently.

Behind-the-scenes looks at my entire book-making process.

Online art classes

Skillshare classes

Online classes on art school fundamentals like composition, color, character design, and more.

In-depth classes on topics like posca paint pens, travel sketchbooking, and therapeutic art.

Most classes are around 30 minutes with simple project assignments to share with fellow students.

Weekly Art Prompts

Might Could Draw Today

An initiative aimed to gently encourage us to make time for creativity and drawing, within a supportive and uplifting environment of artists from around the world.

Over 8+ years, we’ve created over 30,000 pieces of art with over 200 drawing prompts! And counting! Come draw with us!