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I’ve written over 100 essays on living, working, and making as an artist. These essays are like a personal journal that allows me to reflect on the ongoing process of discovering and developing myself as an artist. Some common themes are overcoming creative obstacles, developing a personal style, and pondering what it means to live as an artist.

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Might Could Essays

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Vodnik Illustration

I’ve posted the explanation and more process work behind this personal illustration in previous posts, but I wanted to share the last leg of the

Obsession: Slavic Folklore

So, let me explain some things. First off, I am utterly enthralled with Slavic folklore. I studied abroad in the Czech Republic when I was

Girl Feelings #8

This is a process shot of the most recent Girl Feelings illustration I’m working on as part of my ongoing personal series documenting my own

Process: Mushroom Takeover!

Here’s a quick snapshot of some process work from a piece I’ve been working on recently. Final illustration to come at the beginning of next

Cup Creature Process

Today, I thought I would post a little walk through of my process of making an illustration. I’ve been working to refine this process to

New Feature: Brave the Woods

I’ve got great news! Yesterday I was featured on Brave the Woods, the blog of illustrator Brad Woodward. I recently took a Skillshare class taught

Continued Collection of Girl Emotions

This is the continuation of a series of illustrations I’m currently creating that deals with the everyday emotions of girls. Sometimes there are just feelings

Competition Entry: Bonnaroo

I recently entered a competition to have my work sold at the Bonnaroo music festival this summer. I the two illustrations shown here for the

Quiet: An Illustration In Progress

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted on the blog—I’ve been so busy! Along with client work, a few competitions I’m entering, and personal