Over the years, I’ve written 100+ essays on creativity and art making. These essays are where I explore my own struggles with working and living as an artist to further discover and develop myself and my art. 

I enjoy breaking down the thought processes behind making art, philosophizing about how and why artists think and create, and making connections between it life and art.

Each essay is like an art class, therapy session, and philosophy class all wrapped up in one. 

Currently, in the Summer/Fall of 2022, I am serializing and sharing the entire process of making my next picture book, an untitled nonfiction book on jellyfish.

New essays are sent out through my Substack, I Might Could Do That, which has over 15,000 readers. Subscribe to access all my essays or you can read some favorite essays below.

Past Topics and Series

3 Simple Changes to Make More Art. Christine Nishiyama, Might Could Studios.

The Path to Becoming an Artist

Most people who aim to become artists begin their journey by studying technique. They research and practice drawing techniques like shading, perspective, and anatomy from books, video

Mindfulness in Creativity. Christine Nishiyama, Might Could Studios

Mindfulness Through Creativity

5 Things I Learned About Creativity from Jeong Kwan on Chef’s Table It seems appropriate to begin this article with honesty and transparency, so let me

Christine Nishiyama, Might Could Studios

You Need to Make More Mistakes

There is no perfect art Making art is always a push and pull of what’s in our heads and what we actually create. What we expected to

Why I Draw. Christine Nishiyama, Might Could Studios.

Why I Draw

I write about drawing a lot. I write about how to draw, how to draw more, and how to draw in your own way. But

You CAN Draw. Christine Nishiyama, Might Could Studios.

You CAN Draw

Literally 300 times a day, I have a conversation like this: Person: So what do you do? Me: I’m an illustrator. Person: Oh my goodness! How wonderful! I

Might Could Studios, Christine Nishiyama

Share the Process

I recently watched a talk by Austin Kleon from the first Creative Mornings event in Austin, Texas a few years ago. At the time, Austin was working on his new