Ryan Thacker turns ideas, words and pictures into all sorts of things, by himself and with other people, for an ever-increasing list of reasons.

Might Could is the name given to the box that holds those things, which you are currently viewing in the form of this website.

Both are available for hire for jobs of all shapes and sizes.

My name is Ryan Thacker and I am a graphic designer from Mercer County, New Jersey.

I live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn a few blocks from where they built the USS Monitor.

I am a senior designer at Open in Manhattan, where I’ve worked with Scott Stowell for many years on just about every type of (design-related) project there is.

I used to work under the wing of Hans Allemann and Jan Almquist at Allemann Almquist & Jones in Philadelphia, where I also attended the University of the Arts and lots of Phillies games.


This site is an archive of things I’ve created, or helped create with other people. Some of these things make up the body of professional design work I’ve built so far. Some are freelance, some are personal. Some are successes and some are failures. Some are just experiments or dumb ideas I wanted to keep track of. The projects are shown in random order, as there are no more or less important things. Sometimes the randomness creates relationships between these things that look purposeful but are merely coincidental. It looks pretty bad if the fonts don’t load, and is best viewed in the latest versions of most popular browsers attached to a modern internet connection. I plan to update it regularly, adding both future and past projects as I complete them / remember they exist.