SCBWI LA 2015 Conference!


It’s finally here! I’m flying out in a few hours to California for the SCBWI LA Conference! I skipped the NY Conference this year so I could see what the LA version is like, and I’m so excited! Here’s the goodies I’m bringing with me in my oversized conference bag! I’ve got my portfolio (for the portfolio showcase), two picture book dummies, two postcards (promoting the dummies), bookmarks, and business cards! I ordered some new stuff for this conference and brought some leftover things from previous conferences.


Here’s the new postcard I printed up for this conference, promoting one of my picture book dummies. They turned out well! They’ll be stacked next to my portfolio at the showcase if you’re there and would like to pick one up!

I also remade this illustration into my portfolio end page, to thank whoever takes the time to look through it! My portfolio is waaaay better this year than it was when I attended the NY Conference a year and a half ago! I have more series pieces (from my dummies), more illos of kids, and I only have two stand alone pieces this time. My style is also much more cohesive and recognizable. I’m so glad to see I’m growing and I can’t wait to soak up all the inspirational illustration work, amazing speaker wisdom, and meet new kid lit friends this weekend! I’ll be sure to write a follow-up post when I get back, and if you aren’t going, you can follow the conference on the SCBWI conference blog or with #LA15SCBWI, on Twitter and Instagram! I’ll be posting stuff on there too, I’m sure. :)

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