New Work: Smoldering Catalyst


Welp, I finally had some time to hunker down and finish my most recent personal piece! As I mentioned before, this piece is based on my interpretation of what my boyfriend (a Chemical Engineer) does all day at work. I’m just as baffled that he works with excel spreadsheets and math equations all day as he is that I mess with pencil drawings and photoshop layers all day. Careers are weird. He told me once something happened with a “smoldering catalyst” at work and that was when I knew it had to be done.

From there, I created this scene of the intricate industrial structures, semi-emergency atmosphere, and the magical math skills that have eluded me in life. Seriously though, those are real equations that I found scribbled down in our apartment. He finds little cats (and Oni’s) that I drew around the house, and I find math equations that sometimes don’t even involve numbers! But I like things I don’t understand and trying to interpret them in my own way. I’m really happy with how this piece came out, and it’s one of the most detailed pieces I’ve made. Check out the images below to see the close-ups! There are also some process shots in previous posts including this one and this one. Also, see the piece in my portfolio to see the images slightly larger!








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