January Works in Progress


I’m just over here chugging away on illustrations, enjoying the mild Texas winter while it seems everyone else is being blanketed with snow. You know, Texas isn’t my favorite place I’ve ever lived, but during the winters I gotta admit, it’s pretty pleasant.

Anyways, I’ve got a few different projects going on right now, and thought I would post some process work. The shot above and two below are from a project I’m currently working on. I can’t really say too much about it, but I’ve really enjoyed drawing the little characters and creating all the delicate pencil textures. I love love love making intricate, tiny pencil textures and incorporating them in my illustrations. Drawing the textures makes my hands ache and I think this gives me some sort of physical connection to the finished piece.



The following shots are from a finished set of two editorial illustrations, but I can’t post the full illos before they’re published in March. Sad. But in the meantime, I can post some process work! Below are a pile of ideation sketches to find the right concept; a set of gesture sketches to get the feel of the body poses before I focus on clothing, facial expressions, etc; the semi-final rendering of hand-drawn type elements in pencil; and a in-progress screenshot from digital coloring and applying textures.





Now it’s back to work!

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