Baby Puppies!


It’s February! This month there’s a drawing challenge going on called #KidLitArt28. Basically, you just have to draw something everyday during the month of February, and post it on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag. You can draw any subject, or you can choose a theme to stick to throughout the challenge. I chose to draw a different dog breed (in puppy form) everyday. I chose this because A) I love dogs, B) I wanted to get better at drawing dogs, and C) I have an exciting new project coming up that will use all these dog drawings! It will be about  a month before I can announce it, but I’m really excited about it! Here are some of my favorite puppies I’ve drawn so far:





And I am finally closing in on my picture book dummy. I’m very, very, VERY close to finishing it, and I can’t wait to start sending it out. Here’s a teeny tiny sneak peek:


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