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Bonus Links, Downloads, and Process

This page houses all extra content from Might Could Make a Book. Read on to view digital files, see more process, download templates, and check out other bookmaking resources! I’ve listed the resources below according to the order they appear in MCMB.

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Book Making Process Video
Chapter 1: Intro to Picture Books

Here is a list of the books mentioned as examples in this chapter so you can read them and study them further:

Chapter 4: Plot Structure

Here is a list of the books mentioned as examples in this chapter so you can read them and study their plot structures further:

Chapter 5: How to Storyboard Your Plot

Download the Writer’s Storyboard Template

Chapter 10: Making a Writer’s Dummy

Here are some photos of the process of making my writer’s dummy for my currently in-progress book, We Are Jellyfish.

Chapter 14: Character Design (Drawing)

Here are some extra character design sketches from We Are Fungi.

Chapter 15 + 16: Drawing and Refining Storyboards

Click the links to download and use my storyboard templates:

And here are my storyboards from We Are Fungi (click to open them at a larger size.)

Chapter 19: Submitting Your Book to Publishers

Download my We Are Fungi book dummy.
(P.S. This was made right before I got married and used my maiden name!)

Chapter 23: Marketing Your Book

Here are links to the examples mentioned in the book:

Book Trailer:

Chapter 24: Self-Publishing Options

Distributors mentioned in the book:

Chapter 25: Printing + Publishing Setup
Further Reading:

Here is an abridged version of the Further Reading list from the back of Might Could Make a Book. Check out my Bookshop shelf for more art book recommendations!