Uncover Your Artistic Mood

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Making Art for Your Mood Quiz

Find the art assignment that fits your mood!

When Trying Too Hard Backfires. Christine Nishiyama, Might Could Studios.

In my experience, creative block is often caused by an underlying mood or emotion—anything from grumpy to melancholic to exhausted. This quiz will help you recognize what sort of mood you’re in and then give you an art assignment recommendation catered to that mood. This assignment will be catered to your current emotional state to help you make art right now.

Our moods and emotions can often contribute to creative block and artistic frustration. But this quiz aims to help you understand and harness your mood to make art.

The goal is to keep our creativity going by meeting ourselves where we are instead of beating ourselves up.

Take the quiz and get your art project idea below!

Please answer all the questions—there’s only 14! Choose “F” if none fit.