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Your style reflects all the influences you’ve absorbed in your life.

 Were your influences bright and uplifting, or dark and moody? This class will help you finally understand your artistic style!

About This Class

Art is more than just studying anatomy, learning to mix paint, and mastering grammar. There’s a special mental side to making art that deals with voice, style, originality, and authenticity. Your artistic voice or style is what makes your work feel like you. 

There’s no step-by-step tutorial on finding your voice as an artist. That’s because no one really knows the exact steps they took to hone their style, and even if they did, it wouldn’t be much help to anyone but themselves, because your artistic style is totally specific to you. In fact, it is you.

Just as you become more like “you” as you grow up, your artistic voice is doing the same thing. With every experience you have, your Self changes and grows, and with every piece of art you make, your style changes and grows. So, although I can’t lay out a step by step guide for you to find your artistic style, I do believe there’s a general progression through an artist’s life, including my own, and I’m going to lay out that progression here this class!

Christine Nishiyama, Might Could Studios

By the end of the class, you’ll have:

Knowledge of the 5 steps of an artist’s growth

An influence map of your earliest influences

A better understanding of who you are as an artist

Clues on where you can go with next with your art

What’s Art School Boot Camp?

This is a series of mini-classes that teach many of the fundamental concepts of design, technique, and process that you’d learn in art school.

ASBC is an ongoing series, with a new class is added each quarter. There are currently 10 classes, at an average of 15 minutes per class. First, I introduce the basic design elements and the basic design principles. Then, we move on to composition, art history, drawing emotions, and more!

Praise for Developing Your Style

This was so informative and eye-opening! Until now, I didn’t realize how much video games had impacted me. I always lean towards slightly muted palettes and now I see where that influence came from!

Anna K.

You know, I honestly wouldn’t have noticed that about myself without seeing it all together on a page like this.

Jodie L.

This is a fascinating exercise—everything has become clear.

Jan S.

This was one of my favorite classes! I loved the theory and the idea that everything we experience is part of who we are and how we express ourselves as artists.

Amanda L.

This was a fun exercise and a great way to get insight into where I’ve come from.

Sara S.

This class gave me a sense of who I was and who I’ve grown to be as an artist.

Nicole A.

Who Teaches This Class?

Hi! I’m Christine Nishiyama, artist and founder of Might Could.

I create stories, books, and comics that blend fiction and nonfiction. I love drawing in my sketchbook, and I’m currently working on a children’s graphic novel series with Scholastic.

I’m passionate about creativity and helping other artists make the art they want to make!

Ready to discover your