Oh, They’re Teeth People!

teeth-processYesterday my boyfriend had surgery to get his four wisdom teeth removed. Surprisingly, it only took 35 minutes for them to yank the teeth out, but I had just enough time to crank out a couple of teeth-related sketches. I showed him the sketch of this illustration when I went back to see him after the surgery while he was still sort of under anesthesia. He took one look at it, made a serious face, and said “Oh, they’re teeth people.” It seemed to make so much sense in his head at the time.

Anyways, if any one that personally knows me is reading this, you know I love drawing things with big, open mouths. I don’t know what it is—it’s just so cute, and apparently I’ve been doing it since I was very young. So I decided to take this sketch a little farther and make it a full-fledged illustration. I created the digital outline, experimented and decided on a color palette, and am now starting to work on shading and details. I’ll post the finished illustration when it’s complete!

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