Final Competition Entry: The Modern Music Industry


Welp, after many, many intense hours—I’ve completed my entry to Society6’s zine, Analog! I just posted the illustration to my Society6 account, so this enters me in the competition, and puts this illustration up for sale! I included some images below to give you an idea of the plethora of products you can order through my profile on Society6. Check out the products, and an enlarged version of the illustration here.

I really took a lot of care in this illustration and took my time doing the process the way I wanted to do it. I get pretty obsessive with the tiny details and line work. I really enjoy using the pen and ink to give it the hand drawn feel and the imperfections that go along with that technique. But then of course I obsess over the details when working digitally as well. There are quite a few details in this illustration that will probably never be noticed—they are so minuscule—but that’s ok with me. I think your eye absorbs those details even if your mind doesn’t recognize them, and that has an effect on the overall piece. Having a background in design definitely helps me know how to balance a piece of work. You gotta have top-level stuff for people to just scan and get the idea, but also have stuff that if they decide to spend some time with the piece really getting to know it, they’ll keep finding new pathways to explore.


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