Drawin’ Like A Crazy Lady


Ack! I’ve been drawing like a crazy lady this month! There are so many different things going on, but I’m so happy to be busy!

To get a little philosophical with the three of you people who read my blog, my boyfriend and I have been talking a lot lately about happiness and what it really means. I think an easy conclusion to make about life is that everyone wants to be happy or strives to be happy, but what gives us happiness?


Well folks, I’m here to announce that I’ve had an epiphany and have found the meaning of life. Yes, yes, don’t worry, I’ll give it away for free. Here it is, and listen close: Happiness is having something to do.

It’s so simple! But it’s true! I think people are generally happy when they feel they are doing something they feel is worthwhile. But the tricky thing is that this “thing to do” is completely different for every person.


For me, drawing and telling stories is my thing to do. I’ve been doing it since before I can remember, and it’s the thing I crave, the thing that calms me, the thing that gives me satisfaction, confidence and self-worth. It’s the thing that drives me and the thing my hands ache do to.

I’ve been doing Inktober this month, where you draw something in ink every day and share it on Instagram/Twitter. I chose a theme of architecture around the world, and you can see some of my drawings here. This may seem meaningless and a waste of hours each day to some people, but to me, it’s doing my “thing” and the act of doing it makes me happy! Not to mention, more drawing = better drawing.


But that’s just me! Maybe your thing is gardening, or cooking, or your job, or raising your kids. It doesn’t matter what it is, just find your thing and do your thing!

And that will give you happiness, and that is the meaning of life. So saith the illustrator and thus the happiness doth rain down upon the people of the land. (Please do read that in a Monty Python voice and take this entire post with a grain of salt.)

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