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Yesterday and today have been a bit of a whirlwind of emotions! First of all, I found out I didn’t make the cut to the next round in the Lilla Rogers competition I entered a couple weeks ago. As per usual, I had kind of psyched myself up and assumed that I would make it to the next round, so I was quite disappointed when I realized I hadn’t actually made it. I’ve heard so many times that it takes a combination of  independence, self-confidence, and naivety to actually go out on your own and be a freelance illustrator, and lemme tell you I’ve got it—particularly the naivety. But I think I also have the ability to bounce back quickly from things (after lying face down on the couch groaning for a while). So just so you know, I’ve learned my lesson, bounced back and am ready to kick it!

So what exactly am I kicking? I’ve got a lot going on actually! I have a new editorial job that I just got last night, and am SUPER excited about. I’ll be posting some process shots of that in the coming weeks. I’ve also got a new piece in my Girl Feelings series in the works, and am expanding that series to be a bit more complex. Here are a couple process shots from sketching and inking that new piece:




I’m also almost done with the North Carolina wedding invitations I’ve been working on the past couple months! I’m so excited to see them all printed and presented together as a pack! Just because I can’t help myself, here’s one more little snippet shot of the illustrated map I created:


And…I’m planning my Etsy shop arrival! I’ve been researching products, prints, and ideas and am planning on opening my shop in the coming months—so be on the look out! Here’s a little sneak peek!


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