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Welcome to your place to learn and grow as an artist.

Join Studiomates, our community-led platform to guide your unique artistic journey at all levels.

We’ve all been there. We’ve taken countless online art classes, participated in untold numbers of drawing challenges, and started (and stopped) innumerable sketchbooks.

And yet, we’re still not able to make the art that feels like ours. We’re still not sure what our artistic style is. And we often doubt if we can even call ourselves artists at all.

Welp, you are not alone.

Whether you’re an aspiring, working, or established artist—we all struggle.

We’ve developed a framework to propel aspiring artists from stage to stage in the artistic journey. This framework is built around the common obstacles we all face and teaches us how to overcome them. But the framework is just one part of the puzzle. To keep moving along our journey we need more than instruction and resources. 


To really grow, we need encouragement, support, and connection with other artists.

Here in Might Could Studiomates, you’ll find your community of artists while working on developing your creativity, discovering your artistic style, and creating dream projects.

"Just this morning I was thinking about Studiomates and realised it's a place I've stuck with for the longest of anywhere before, and has made me connect with my art in a way I haven't felt in a long time—there's definitely something really special about it! Thank you for making it, and the courses, essays and challenges. The community is really wholesome and supportive, just what we need to foster creativity :D​"
Becky H.

This is your studio.

These are your studiomates.

A Vibrant Community

We have all kinds of people here in Studiomates! From young to young-at-heart, from Japan to Nebraska, from aspiring artists to pros—everyone is welcome here.

Diverse + Inclusive

Studiomates are spread out over 30 countries! Make connections with artists all over the world who share a passion for creativity.

Supportive + Encouraging

Studiomates is a safe place to share your art with like-minded people. Share successes, issues, feelings, and thoughts. We all need support to make it on our artistic journeys—we’re here for you!

"I'm so excited to have found a space I actually look forward to checking in every day. <3"
Nikki H.
"Never thought at 37, I'd feel comfortable with my art or find a community that's welcoming, supportive & available.​"
Masina Sausi, Studiomates Host
Masina S.

Ready to become a Studiomate?

The Community Framework

Choosing where to start

The aspiring artist doesn’t need someone to show them how to make their art. They need a supportive community that will make art with them. They need nurturing, encouragement, and the support of other artists who understand the obstacles they’re facing.

Most artists never got this early support. And so, most artists never progress from that point, forever calling themselves Aspiring Artists.

Studiomates changes all that. 

"If anything, this community simply existing and being so supportive is what encourages me to continue trying, but even that is hard sometimes. The comments by the lovelies Lisa and Christine up there both gave me a sense of empowerment while also realizing the need to be kind to myself. Thank you for expressing this, i know i wouldn't have on my own."
Jen T.

We help artists progress along their artistic journey with our Community, Clubhouse, and Studios.

The Community

Chat with and get support from other artists with our community posts.

Tool Talk

A weekly video series, hosted by our Studiomates Hype Master, Kadazia Allen-Perry, where she takes us inside her overflowing artist toolbox to explore new mediums and ways of making art! 


A weekly drawing challenge, hosted by fellow Studiomate, Masina Sausi, to give you the lil’ kick in the butt you need to finally draw consistently!

Art Therapy Talk

A weekly question, hosted by our Studiomates Founder, Christine Nishiyama, where we share our art blobbies in a safe, supportive environment.

Digital Art Q+A

A bi-weekly article, hosted by our Studiomates Community Manager, Lisa M Hascall Kanazawa, where she researches and reports back help with your digital art questions!

Weekly Recap

A collection of community highlights each week so you can stay in the loop!

Process Work

Share your works in progress and ask about other artist’s process.

Art Share

A place to share the art you make—drawings, paintings, writing, anything!

Inspiration Library

A collective resource of inspiring books, videos, articles, and websites.

"Wow it's so nice to talk to fellow artists about these kinds of thoughts. I'm glad we are all pushing ourselves to overcome our self-imposed criticism and limitations. We are all making some really cool drawings! :D"
Brianna M.
"It has transformed the way I create and is really helping me find my style."
Carla Furey, Studiomates Host
Carla F.

The Clubhouse

Connect on a deeper level with other artists with our community events.

Project Incubator

This group provides feedback, accountability, resources, and support as you create your book, graphic novel, comic, painting series, board game, or whatever your next dream project is!

Art Chat Hangouts

A monthly live event where we work separately on our own art project while video chatting together!

Drink and Draw

A monthly live event where we draw a prompt chosen by the host while drinking the drink of your choice!

Watch Parties (Beta)

A monthly live event where we watch an inspiring movie or video while we chat and draw together!

Art Panels (Beta)​

A monthly live event where we hear from and learn from our fellow Studiomates!

Book Club

A bi-monthly live event where we discuss books related to art and creativity together! 

Not too long ago, people would ask me if I'm an artist and I would reply "not really", because I wasn't known, I didn't create art daily, I didn't share my art publicly and I didn't get paid for it. I felt like I didn't earn the right to call myself an artist. However, since joining the Might Could Studiomates community I have finally accepted that "hey I am an artist!" I have more confidence in myself & my art than I ever have.
Masina Sausi, Studiomates Host
Masina S.

The Studios

Learn and grow with the support of other artists.

Artistic Intelligence

Harness your creative mindset through Artistic Intelligence.

*This Studio is currently being built.

Art School Boot Camp

Develop your artistic skills through a series of mini-classes on the art school fundamentals including: Composition, Gesture, Color, Art History, Character Design, Style, Ideas, Success, and Anatomy.

Sketchbook to Style

Discover your artistic style through our step-by-step system designed to guide you through the journey of starting a sketchbook practice to discover your unique artistic style and voice.

Might Could Make-a-Book

Create that book you’ve dreamed of making! A comprehensive guide to the book making process, from digital to traditional media, and publishers to self-publishing.

*This Studio is currently being built.

Not sure where you should start?

Here’s a quick graphic to help you find where our Studios fit in with your artistic journey best!

"This week marks week 53 of drawing MightCouldDrawToday Themes. I have been drawing and posting almost every day to either MCDT. Joining MCDT, I ended up completing six sketchbooks and starting three more. If I hadn't, I might have completed one or two sketchbooks. So, here's to dedicating myself to another 52 weeks of drawing daily!"​
Craig A.

The Studiomates Team

Christine Nishiyama

Community Founder

East Coast, USA

Christine founded Might Could in 2012 and has since taught 75,000+ students in her online courses, written 100+ essays on creativity, traditionally published 2 (of 4) books with Scholastic, and self-published 1 book. She founded Studiomates in 2018 and is works hard to guide the overall vision and design of the community.

She currently hosts all the Studio courses as well as Essay Bonuses, Art Therapy Talk, and sometimes Drink + Draw.

Lisa M Hascall Kanazawa

Community Manager


Lisa works hard to make the overall Studiomates experience the best it can be. She is an active presence, growing and engaging our community by hosting live events, collaborating with our guest hosts, listening to and advocating for our members, and cultivating a friendly, welcoming space for all artists.

She currently hosts Art Chat Hangout, Digital Q+A, and Weekly Recap.

Kadazia Allen-Perry

Community Hype Master

West Coast, USA

Kadazia works hard to make the Studiomates experience the most inspiring and productive it can be. Kadazia is an active presence in our Project Incubator, which she organized and created. She facilitates artistic growth in our members by hosting feedback group meetings, sharing her knowledge and resources, and cultivating an approachable, fun space for all artists to get to work.

She currently hosts Project Incubator, Tool Talk, and Watch Party.

Carla Furey, Studiomates Host


Southwest, USA

Drink + Draw

Masina Sausi, Studiomates Host


Pacific, USA


Tatiana-Marza, Studiomates Host



Book Club

The book club had a huge impact on my everyday life, especially with the lockdown. I could have a place just for myself—this community. And...this is huge for me too: FINALLY, I have managed to keep a sketchbook, instead of thrown papers all over the place.
Tatiana-Marza, Studiomates Host
Tatiana M.

Who this community is for:

  • You want to be part of a community of artists
  • You feel lost, confused, or frustrated when you draw
  • You are tired of not knowing what to do to grow as an artist
  • You want to develop and commit to a creative habit
  • You want to learn to draw more, love to draw more, have more ideas, and more confidence in your art
  • You don’t have many opportunities to share your art with others
  • You feel like your art is never good enough (and want that to change)
  • You draw a lot but are ready to up your game and elevate their art

Who this community is NOT for:

  • You do not want to be creative
  • You think making art is a waste of time
  • You are looking for a group dedicated only to art fundamentals like perspective, shading, or anatomy
  • You are looking to learn how to make money quick from your art
  • You expect to grow as an artist without connecting with others or sharing ideas
  • You don’t like inspiration, open-mindedness, or positive vibes!

Ready to become a Studiomate?

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll be prompted to make your account and upon completion you can immediately log directly into the community, so you can dive in right away!

Our Studiomates community is hosted on Mighty Networks, a platform which is simple but robust, well-organized, and easy to navigate. You can access the community through the desktop website address or the mobile app, available on iOS and Android.

The FREE plan gives you access to:

  • A vibrant and supportive artistic community
  • All topics
    • Tool Talk
    • Digital Art Q+A
    • Art Therapy Talk
    • Weekly Recap
    • Art Share
    • Inspiration Library
    • Process Work
    • Art Workspaces
    • Techniques + Tutorials
  • Drawing Challenge:
    • MightCouldDrawToday

The PAID plan gives you access to:

  • A vibrant and supportive artistic community
  • All topics
    • Tool Talk
    • Digital Art Q+A
    • Art Therapy Talk
    • Weekly Recap
    • Art Share
    • Inspiration Library
    • Process Work
    • Art Workspaces
    • Techniques + Tutorials
  • Drawing Challenge:
    • MightCouldDrawToday
  • Access to the Clubhouse
    • Project Incubator
    • Art Chat Hangout
    • Drink and Draw
    • Book Club
    • Watch Party
    • Art Panels

Members can choose to enroll in any Studios at any time simply by navigating to the Studios page and purchasing the course. Studios are one-time payments, not included in monthly subscriptions.

Non-members are able to enroll only 1-2 times a year during course launches.

Artistic Intelligence and Might Could Make-a-Book are currently being built and are not yet open for enrollment. Members will be notified when it’s available!

When you sign up, you can choose the monthly subscription, where you will be automatically billed each month, or the annual membership where you are charged once a year at a discounted price. You can cancel your subscription and membership at any time.

That’s higgly piggly! I believe everyone can draw! If you like to draw or want to draw or want to like to draw, this community is for you, and full of people like you! All of us are here because we’re creative one way or another, and we’re all here to grow together, no matter where you’re starting.

I believe artists and their styles are always growing and changing, and can always benefit from experimenting and playing in different environments. This community has many different ways that you can learn, grow, and interact with the community. The Project Incubator in particular would offer you deeper connections and more in-depth feedback and accountability for your art projects!

You can cancel your membership at anytime for any reason, and you won’t be charged again.

You can email me (Christine!) directly at: christine@mightcouldstudios.com

Ready to join? Choose Your Plan:


Base Community
$ FREE! Forever
  • A diverse + inclusive community of artists
  • A safe place to share your art with like-minded people
  • Drawing Challenge: #MightCouldDrawToday
  • Tool Talk video series
  • Digital Art Q+A article series
  • Art Therapy Talk question series
  • All other Community Topics


Base Community + Clubhouse
$ 14
  • Everything included in the Community Plan plus...
  • Invitation to join a Project Incubator
  • Art Chat Hangout events
  • Drink + Draw events
  • Watch Party events
  • Art Panel events
  • Book Club events
Thank you for making this space for us. Being here is the single best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. Also it’s thanks to you that I have filled an entire sketchbook for the first time in my life! I had never come even close before.
Carla Furey, Studiomates Host
Carla F.