Our Team

Christine Nishiyama

Founder, Head of Creative + Strategy

Boone, North Carolina, USA

Christine started Might Could in 2012 and has since taught over 95,000 students in her various online courses, created her flagship course, Sketchbook to Style, and founded the online artist community, Might Could Studiomates.Β She helps guide the overall vision and design of Studiomates, while also facilitating Sketchbook to Style.Β 

When not working on Might Could, she creates books, currently a 4-book graphic novel series with Scholastic.

Lisa M Hascall Kanazawa

Community Manager

Nagano, Japan

Lisa helps lead Might Could Studiomates, hosting Art Chat Hangout events, creating artist resources and Weekly Recaps, and working closely with our members to support our community of artists.

When not working on Might Could, she works on building her local and online businesses within Evergarden Japan, including creative and illustration projects under Studio Evergarden.

Kadazia Allen-Perry

Project Incubator Host

Pacific Northwest, USA

Kadazia works hard to make the Studiomates experience the most inspiring and productive it can be. Kadazia hosts our Project Incubator, which she organized and created. She facilitates artistic growth in our members by hosting feedback group meetings, sharing her knowledge and resources, and cultivating an approachable, fun space for all artists to get to work. She also creates art demo videos for our Tool Talk series.

When not working on Might Could, she works on her own projects, like her handmade sketchbooks.

Masina Sausi

MightCouldDrawToday Host

Hawaii, USA

Masina leads our weekly drawing challenge, #MightCouldDrawToday, coming up with art prompts, encouraging fellow artists, and sharing her own artwork. She helps cultivate a supportive and uplifting environment where we can all get inspired and start drawing consistently!Β 

When not working on Might Could, she works on her own art, like her sketchbook drawings.

Carla Furey

Drink + Draw Host

Las Vegas, USA

Carla hosts our virtual Drink + Draw events, leading us through creative art prompts while chatting, drawing, and sipping along. She helps create a fun and free-spirited hour of drawing where you never know what you’ll end up with!

When not working on Might Could, she works on her own projects, like her first self-published picture book.
Declan Nishiyama bio

Declan Nishiyama

Head of Marketing + Technology

Boone, North Carolina, USA

Declan joined Might Could in 2019. In his past life he’s had roles as an Engineer, Business Analyst, and Product Manager. After seeing how much people loved learning from his wife, he decided to join full-time to help Might Could make the biggest impact possible.

When not working on Might Could, he builds his own projects, like Etymology Explorer.

Oni Nishiyama bio


Head of Napping

Oni leads our company walks and meals and does not understand why we sit at desks so much. He loves encouraging his co-workers to take a break from work and get outside.

Butterbean leads our quality control, constantly shaking Posca pens to ensure they are properly mixed. She is also known to steal art supplies and sometimes pops into Studiomates events when she executively decides not to nap.

Neither one really gets any work done, but they both remind us to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.


Head of Scheduling