Week 7: Sea Creatures

#MightCouldDrawToday Week 7: Sea Creatures. Christine Nishiyama, Might Could Studios


We’ve finished another week of #MightCouldDrawToday!

I finally got out of my creative funk and back into the flow this week with some lil’ fishy window art that I had a blast making! I used my new fav Posca pens to draw these babies. They were quite difficult to photograph though.

TOP TIPIf you’re feeling out of it creatively, try switching it up and trying something new! Try drawing with a new tool or even on a new surface! It works wonders for me and gets me excited about drawing again. :)



Week 7 Stats

Week 7 Drawing Prompt: Sea Creatures

Artists sharing this week: 40

Drawings shared this week: 207

Total drawing shared: 2,079

Artists who completed challenge this week: 19



Week 7 Challenge Winner


#MightCouldDrawToday Week 7: Sea Creatures. Art by Brandon Baker. Might Could Studios


Brandon Baker!


Fantastic work, Brandon! I love that you pushed the boundaries with your drawings, not just drawing representational sea creatures, but really putting your own spin and style into them! I also always love a good pencil drawing, and loving seeing these all together as a series. Great job drawing all 7 days! :D

As this week’s winner, Brandon will receive an artist tool of his choice.

Check out more of Brandon’s art here: @bbaker253

And awesome animation work and paintings here: https://www.brandonbaker.space/



#MightCouldDrawToday Week 7: Sea Creatures. Christine Nishiyama, Might Could Studios


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