Week 53: Foxes

#MightCouldDrawToday Week 53: Foxes. Christine Nishiyama, Might Could Studios.

Sly foxes, playful foxes, foxy foxes! Another week down in tha books!

Let’s draw more! :D

Week 53 Stats

Week 53 Drawing Prompt: Foxes

Artists sharing this week: 37

Drawings shared this week: 185

Total drawings shared: 12,698

Artists who completed challenge this week: 19

Week 53 Challenge Winner

#MightCouldDrawToday Week 53: Foxes. Art by Gabriela Suarez

Gabriela Suarez!

Congratulations, Gabriela! Your foxes made me smile all week! I love your delicate, flowing linework, and nice use of limited color palettes. And all those little fox faces and their expressions are cracking me up! And of course, awesome job drawing all 7 days! :D

As this week’s winner, Gabriela will receive a brand new artist pen.

Check out more of her artwork here: @gabrielasugu

Thanks again to everyone who participated and shared your drawings!

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