Week 42: Elves

#MightCouldDrawToday Week 42: Elves. Christine Nishiyama, Might Could Studios.


Ring-a-ding-ding, another week of drawing!

Quite the transformation in my weekly series this time, haha. I didn’t plan to begin and end with similar characters, but there ya go. I mentioned this in one of my posts, but I tend to go through cycles where I get obsessed with a pen/marker/tool and draw exclusively with that for a while. But eventually I get bored and listless and my art starts to feel blah and that’s when I know… it’s time for a new obsession!

Luckily, I got a multi-color pencil and it has done it’s job and recaptured my attention! It’s quite fun to draw with, because you never really know when the color’s going to change, so it adds a lot of spontaneity and chance to the work which really loosens me up! And I don’t know about you, but I have the most fun and draw my best stuff (IMO) when I loosen my grip on what the end result will look like.

So anyways, if you’re feeling bored or bland or stuck, you might could try out a new tool! :)



Week 42 Stats

Week 42 Drawing Prompt: Elves

Artists sharing this week: 25

Drawings shared this week: 111

Total drawings shared: 11,100 (Woohoo—we broke 11,000!)

Artists who completed challenge this week: 9



Week 42 Challenge Winner


#MightCouldDrawToday Week 42: Elves. Art by Kim Hine.


Kim Hine!


Congratulations, Kim! There’s great consistency through your series, and you explored different styles of drawings AND different mediums, which is so awesome! I love seeing how each piece is a little different, while still fitting together with the others. Like one big elf family. And of course, awesome job drawing all 7 days! :D

As this week’s winner, Kim will receive a brand new artist pen.

Check out more of her artwork here: @kimlhine



Here are just a few of the other wonderful drawings!

#MightCouldDrawToday Week 42: Elves. Christine Nishiyama, Might Could Studios.


Thanks again to everyone who participated and shared your drawings!

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