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I’ve written over 100 essays on living, working, and making as an artist. These essays are like a personal journal that allows me to reflect on the ongoing process of discovering and developing myself as an artist. Some common themes are overcoming creative obstacles, developing a personal style, and pondering what it means to live as an artist.

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Might Could Essays

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A Tiny Sabbatical: Keep Doing!

Japanese Garden in Herman Park The past two days I have been on a bit of a inspirational sabbatical in Houston. I spent my mornings

Featured On: Global Yodel

Hey you guys! Today I get to announce that I’ve been featured on the travel/photography/illustration blog, Global Yodel! I have the honor of being today’s

Awkward Dog Sleeping Positions

Here’s a little doodle of an awkward position my dog Oni was sleeping in recently. The word “awkward” is pretty awkward in itself too, I

Leaning Tower of Cats

A little process shot from an illustration I’m working on. These details probably won’t be able to be seen that well in the final illustration,

Secret Process Work

Here’s a little peak into something I’m working on for a client today… but I can’t tell you what it’s for! I even blurred the