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#MightCouldDrawToday Week 45: Snow. Art by @Korn.Scribbles

Week 45: Snow

  Welp, unfortunately it’s just raining and not snowing here in Seattle, but I did see some snow over the holidays in North Carolina and

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#MightCouldDrawToday Week 43: Owls. Art by JenDrawsThings.

Week 43: Owls

  A week of wise, surprised, and angry owls! Who knew birds could be so expressive? It seems like you guys really enjoyed drawing owls

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#MightCouldDrawToday Week 42: Elves. Art by Kim Hine.

Week 42: Elves

  Ring-a-ding-ding, another week of drawing! Quite the transformation in my weekly series this time, haha. I didn’t plan to begin and end with similar

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