Custom lettering, changeable logo system and promotional materials for an upstart comic brigade in Philadelphia’s Mummers Parade.


The concept and shape of the logo and lettering were inspired by the pennants that once would have been waved at parades and the old-timey megaphones shouted into by street corner agitators.

The logo patterns are a take on the harlequin patterns worn by fools or court jesters, and meant to feel a bit like a bunch of people yelling at each other.

There were a couple of pattern systems for different secondary information, like NYB (New Year’s Brigade).

The logo patterns are meant to outlive the theme of any given performance, and allow for variation in future uses. For 2011, these illustrations were drawn on the logo pattern grid and used some real hobo symbols and some I made up.

Their inaugural performance “The Big Rock Candy Bailout” was early the first morning of 2011. It was a take on (hobo standard) “The Big Rock Candy Mountain,” satirizing various aspects of the city’s handling of the economic crisis. These (pretty inspiring) fliers were made to attract people to the performance.

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