Identity and applications for an unrealized Brooklyn-based restaurant specializing in gourmet, regionally inspired macaroni and cheese.


The Wayside concept was to combine two American institutions: roadside stands and macaroni and cheese. The plan was to serve simple food reflecting the largely vernacular culinary diversity of the awesome country that we live in (USA!) with a few gourmet touches and local and responsibly-sourced ingredients.

The logo practically designed itself.

The typographic language used a mix of different type styles and imperfect spacing inspired by the unpracticed hand of the roadside vernacular.

Wayside Sans was developed as the dominant face in the identity system, with a stencil version to pair it with.

The mascot would have been adorable.

Business cards used one of the many taglines that would have rotated based on the whims of the proprietors.

The website layout was inspired by the placemats found in a certain kind of diner.

Routed rubber map magnets would have been a popular giveaway item.

The alternate meaning of the name is now a sad reminder of the fate of the restaurant (which ended up falling through).