Album packaging designed to feel like a classic LP that got hit with a shrink ray.


This album was the first and last full-length my Dad recorded before he died. The cover image was purposely abstract, but showed the five main rivers to be crossed between my parents’ house in New Jersey, and East Tennessee where my Dad was from.

The type treatments were based on the stencil / handwriting combination he used to sign his paintings.

The CDs were sent to family and friends wrapped in a gold string tied with a feather. The sleeves were slightly oversized to stick out on a shelf of CDs and printed in green and metallic gold.

Each package contained a booklet showcasing the album’s great lyrics, printed in metallic copper on translucent paper.

The man himself at home in Blaine, Tennessee in 1974(ish).

The last song had two (amazing) backward guitar solos so it got two backward “instrumentals.”