Identity system, some strategy development, usage guidelines and overall graphic language developed for the rapidly-expanding chain of all natural pizza places.


Naked Pizza came to Open with their main logo (by Valerie Casey) already in place. We refined and honed the wordmarks to make them useful across a wide range of applications, from neon signs to motorcycle helmets, and developed a comprehensive set of usage guidelines.

We created the “naked pizza” logo by turning the “A” in the logotype into a pizza being shared, and a new “naked person” logo based off of their old mascot (complete with a hidden guy throwing a pizza).

We developed icons for every topping they offer for use across all sorts of applications, from print-on-demand t-shirts to the iPad app.

We helped come up with a voice for the brand that is matter-of-fact and a little funny.

We designed a menu system that worked across multiple platforms, from box toppers to large in-store wall graphics.

We developed these exploded pizza graphics for the store environments, where they’re used decoratively and to educate employees on the proper layering of ingredients when constructing their specialty pizzas.

The identity had to be modified for the Arab market, where “Naked” is not a culturally acceptable concept (let alone an acceptable name for a pizza place), and pork products aren’t widely consumed.

We designed the livery for the motorcycle-mounted delivery guys, including the boxes that keep the pizzas warm en route to their destination.

We even got to write and design the napkins.

These huge window ads were used to promote a marketing strategy we helped develop, informing customers of the quality of the base ingredients while encouraging them to add toppings.

This book was made for potential franchisees in India.

It explored the history and philosophy of the brand for a new and largely unfamiliar audience.

These no smoking signs are probably my favorite thing to come out of the whole project.

The napkins work too.

Designed at Open with Scott Stowell.