Selected information graphics created for Harvard Business Review’s “Vision Statement” department.


The first one we did was about the difficulty of timing inter-office communications for international companies.

This map showed how the business hours overlapped for 9 hypothetical branch offices.

These clocks did the same, using colors coded to the branch offices on the map.

If I had to do this again I’m not sure I could figure it out.

This one was about the rise of the multitasking media consumer (and how advertisers could best exploit the trend).

This chart detailed the types of media consumed daily across the age demographic spectrum.

The screen type icons on the chart corresponded to the big drawing.

These small charts showed an average day’s screen use for three test subjects, including the guy from the Maxell ads in the 90s (which I could not believe got approved, with enthusiasm).

This one for the Failure issue was about a success story (a massive program to drill wells across Bangladesh to provide drinking water) that turned out to have bad consequences (1 in 5 wells drew water tainted with arsenic).

Designed at Open with Scott Stowell.