Two years worth of work for Good Magazine, an ideal job consisting of layout design, icon & infographic creation, occasionally writing headlines, photo-editing and hiring friends to draw pictures.


The ideas issue was the first one I got to work on, and began with a cover shoot starring Danny Devito (pre-“Always Sunny in Philadelphia”) riding a segway (which I also got to ride). This was within a month of me moving to New York City.

Issue 009 was the food issue, and this was the cover.

This spread was displayed in the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum as part of the Triennial exhibition for like a year and I never got to photograph it.

The China issue.

The travel issue was super fun to work on.

This was another one that made the Cooper Hewitt show.

I got to make a bunch of maps about all sorts of things, including this one that was about almost everything.

It mapped famous journeys from history, literature and film.

This article traced the author’s frequently delayed cross-country trip riding the Amtrak rails.

Map showing the decimated passenger rail network of the 21st century, compared to what was available in 1970.

For the photo captions we ran sections of the map where the images were taken in place of words.

The Good Guide to Shadowy Organizations showed the history of, and links between, a bunch of secret (and not-so-secret) societies.

We used google maps to get these sinister location images.

Comparing mythical achievements with actual achievements.

I designed this cover so it gets to be big. It was for the education issue.

The issue featured lots of awesome illustrations (here by Luke Best) and childish jokes.

Opening spread for a pretty scary article.

The election issue counted down 1,565 reasons to vote.

We had to renumber the whole thing several times.

Which was fun.

If you flipped the magazine over you got the cover of Good Business, a one-off magazine focused on like-minded businesses and businesspeople.

We developed this dashboard section that featured a business jargon dictionary, some business book book reports, and of course, “facts.”

Issue 014 was a sort of planetary survey.

It looked at the state of the world through the filter of Good’s content categories, with (just about) each section getting a special map visualizing related data.

This map showed every country that was at war at the time, and what for.

There were so many in one area that we had to get creative.

The key to the causes of the fighting.

Map comparing cell phone ownership and internet access in the 10 countries with the most and least of each.

The section dividers let us source lots of great images.

Designed at Open with Scott Stowell, Rob DiIeso, Serifcan Ozcan, and many others.